Hair Color Correction


Jessica came to me after another stylist made her hair color 5 levels darker than what she started. She had just asked for the brassiness to be taken out.  She called me in a panic to fix it.  I used a method of fine babylights and freehand balayage to give her a natural look, toned her using a total of 6 different colors and I also, cut and styled her hair.  To get a natural look, not only is it important to use the right lightening technique when highlighting, but it also is important to use the right toner colors. In most cases, you can’t just use one color to tone.  Nowadays, the style is for more natural looking color and that can’t be achieved with one color.



Balayage Highlights and Lowlights

The Pad Delray

On Kris,  I did a full balayage highlight and lowlight, haircut and style.  She had a cute hat she put on afterwards, since Indiana can get very cold in the winter! I did really fine sections of the highlights and lowlights to give a overall natural sunkissed look. Also, her hair will grow out nice with no roots!!

Kris started out my client but quickly became my friend. This happens in this industry.  I’m lucky to meet so many great people and love what I do!

Babylights with Tracey Cunningham



A few years ago, I had the honor of being trained by the queen of color, Tracey Cunningham. She does EVERYONE in Hollywood including Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegan, Emma Stone, Jennifer Garner, Lily Aldridge and many more. My training with her literally changed the way I do color! No more stripes, not that I did that anyways, but blended natural color and more importantly, using different color techniques to get a natural looking color.  I use these techniques on most of my clients and their hair color gets better with time and they can go a while without getting touched up. It’s amazing and everyone loves the results!




Kids Hair


A lot of stylists refuse to do children’s hair, especially on editorial or commercial shoots. I absolutely love doing kids hair! Stylist’s feel like dealing with kids is too much. Me on the other hand, find them so easy to deal with. Sometimes they need a haircut, but usually they need braids or pigtails. Anyways, it’s all how you look at it. If you go into dreading something, you’re not going to like it. Keep a open mind, you never know where things will lead.  You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.  -AM

Hair by me above for Aldi Germany

The Pad Salon Delray Beach


I’m happy to announce that I am working at The Pad Salon in Delray Beach, FL. I work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I welcome new clients. Call The Pad 561.562.5525 to book your appointment.

I still will be flying to Indiana 1 week a month for clients in Zionsville. Text 786.201.9495 for appointments.

Blond Makeover


This wonderful client flew 1200 miles to see me!! I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and all the fantastic people I’ve met along the way.  I’ve learned in my 15+ years in this industry, if you are good at doing hair, the clients will come and they will come from all over!

My wonderful client hadn’t had her hair done in about 5 months. I decided to do a technique I learned from the uber talented color queen, Tracey Cunningham. She is the colorist to Chrissy Tiegan and Khloe Kardashian. I used a combination of babylights and ombre. I followed up with 3 different glosses, a haircut and hair extensions. Also, I colored her extensions to match perfectly with her hair. The whole process took me roughly 4 hours. I always tell my clients good hair takes time and a lot of patience. I think her hair turned out fantastic!

Merlot Demi Permanent Color


Best Salon Hair Stylist Delray Beach


This beauty came in wanting bright color and I decided to try something bold like the color of red wine, Merlot.  This isn’t for everyone but she loved it!  I used a demi permanent Wella Color to come up with this unique, bold look.  Demi permanent is great if you want something bold, on dark hair, but don’t want to commit. It will gradually fade, which means she’ll have NO roots, and will last 4-6 weeks with proper care.