White, Bright and Ready for Summer

IMG_2813Who doesn’t love a good blond hair color? The perfect blond is very hard to find and once you do, don’t let your colorist go.  This summer is nothing but the blond and when I say blond, it’s a white blond. In my opinion, this trend looks best done with babylights. What’s babylights you ask? Babylights are very fine highlights that mimic kids natural hair color. I usually like to follow up my babylights with a shadow root.  A shadow root blends your natural root color into the babylights color to give it a more natural look and it will grow out better.  Usually when these techniques are done together, you can go longer between salon appointments.  The above images that I took from Pinterest, demonstrate this look.

You’ll want to remember that anytime you go white or platinum blond, you’ll have to take extra special care of your hair.  I recommend using Olaplex and/or protein, I highly recommend Terax Life Drops. You would use Olaplex #3 once a week (you can see my previous post about my thoughts on Olaplex) and use protein every time you wash your hair.  I also recommend using a purple color based shampoo. Right now, I really like the one from Pravana. The purple based shampoo will help keep your hair a white color because it will have a tendency to want to go brassy due to the sun and your water you use to wash your hair. Finally, you might need a toner in between color appointments. A toner you get from your licensed stylist will have stronger pigments in it than a purple shampoo.  I don’t recommend buying a toner and doing this process at home.  Even though it looks like your stylist is “just throwing colors together” it really is more complicated than that.

White blond is a beautiful color but as you have figured out by now, it is hard to maintain.  As always, please refer to your licensed stylist to guide you to your perfect white blond color for the summer.


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