Olaplex VS Protein Treatment

IMG_2646What does Olaplex do and is it the same thing as a protein treatment?  This was the first question I tried to figure out once Olaplex was launched.  Right before the launch of Olaplex and after it was on the market, there was little information out there about it.  It was just named the “miracle product” and I was told that I must buy.

First of all, Olaplex is not a protein treatment.  Olaplex is a rebonding treatment that works from the inside out.  It penetrates the disulphide bonds in the cortex of the hair that get damaged during chemical services or over use of hot tools.  The cortex is responsible for hair’s strength, color, and texture.  Once these bonds are damaged, dry, damaged hair and split ends occur.

Olaplex is super easy to use. The Olaplex treatment can be added to your color at the salon,  added as a additional treatment to your normal hair service, used as a cutting lotion or you can take home Olaplex #3 and use it at home.

Protein treatments work in a different way.  They temporary repair and strengthen damaged hair by filling in the small gaps and holes in the cuticle but they can also penetrate the cortex.  While protein treatments can work wonders for damaged hair, it can also weaken hair if used too much.  One of my favorites is Terax Life Drops.

With all being said, you can use Olaplex  with protein treatments for damaged hair.  Use a good moisturizer because protein treatments can harden and it will make your hair feel really dry.  Always consult a hair professional for the best advice for your hair needs.


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